about us

StickAndFun was established as a result of realizing how important it was to give our kids engaging activities. The demand for material that blends knowledge and values with entertainment and fun. StickAndFun is an educational and social enrichment company based on Jewish and Torah values. The content of our products encourages learning among children and provides them an entertaining, fulfilling hobby. We create value-based content in a variety of topics from the realms of Torah and Jewish tradition and make it accessible to children through play using various sticker albums and corresponding activities. Through the albums, kids learn about many concepts and morals while also bonding with one another, having fun, and enjoying themselves. The kids can play a variety of games thanks to the stickers, which also encourage them to talk, argue, and put games back in their proper place in opposition to the time-stealing digital screens. The highlight of the album's experience is the customized raffle program, which includes online live raffles on our website as part of the sticker collection phase. During the raffles, participants have the chance to win special prizes every time! We are honored to contribute to a shift in the way playing games is seen while also giving kids involving and interesting content.